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ADA wall mounted phone width - 79XX models exceed 4" in Hospital Environment

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Search is currently not working otherwise I would have checked in the forums first!  We have been using 7965 or 7945 wall mounts for years in our hospital environments; even 6941s on some occasions.  We are now expected to meet not only the height requirement for ADA but a width requirement.  We recently had to remove 7965 phones that were mounted directly to the wall without the accompanying wall mount kit because they still exceeded 4 inches in width and would not have passed inspection.  Looking for recommendations of Cisco phone models, not end of life models because I initially thought of the 7910 size, that would be less than 4" when mounted.  Would also consider 89XX versions.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts :-)

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So you want a phone that's

So you want a phone that's less than 4" wide?  


There are a few contenders.  

78XX phones are 3.5" wide.

6901 is 3.7" wide.





Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your prompt reply :-)

Looking at the ADA guide, it

Looking at the ADA guide, it seems like you actually are looking for phones under 4" deep, not 4" wide. The 7800 and 8800 series phones are both quite shallow including their wall mounts. The 7800 phones are likely a safer bet, as they are about a half inch thinner than the 8800 series.


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