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Add users to CCM End Users group in bulk?

We have UCM 6.1(3).  We integrated with LDAP (AD) for Synch and auth.

Is there a way to add all end users to CCM End Users group?  Don't see it in BAT or via update in UCM We're moving to extension mobility and users need abilit to login to CCMenduser page and change pin.

thank you.


Re: Add users to CCM End Users group in bulk?

Sure!  Go to User Management-->User Group and Select the Standard CCM End user group.

Then add users to group and select find.  This will display all of your end users so that you may select them to add them to the group.

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Re: Add users to CCM End Users group in bulk?

any other way?

We have a very messed up LDAP structure that's not going to get fixed in the short term.  We have user accounts all over so we have to define top-level domain for our search base.  this results in our UCM directory having more than 7,000 entries.  Out of those, only 2,000 will be cisco users.

So I would have the way you mentioned would require me to go through and manually lookup 2,000 users and add.  No other way that is easier?

Thanks I'll keep my fingers crossed their is anothe way.

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There is no downside of

There is no downside of assigning all 7000 users to end user group, just run one BAT job to associate them all.

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Hello mattcalderon,You can

Hello mattcalderon,

You can upload many end users by Bulk, however the BAT file doesn´t have any option as Roles and Groups (Permissions Information). If you go to the template user you can only add one option, but you can´t add many roles and groups. So I would have 300 users I have to add that 300 times. I need to add many groups and roles in order to enable Cisco Jabber for each end user (IM & Presence).

Does anyone know how to add many groups and roles by Bulk?

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I don't know if this will

I don't know if this will help you

I have worked on ccm 4.1 and use to update extension using csv files [ high processor utilization using bat ]


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