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adding DID

how can i add a DID if i dont have a dial plan....

or how can i assaingn DID to few people in ccme router 3800.


Re: adding DID

When you define an ephone-dn (extension number instance) using the ephone-dn command, the Cisco CME system automatically creates a POTS dial peer with the ephone-dn endpoint as a destination. The default behavior is for the Cisco CME system to create a single POTS dial peer for each ephone-dn. If the dialplan-pattern command is set and matches against the ephone-dn number, two POTS dial peers are created, one for the local extension and one for the complete E.164 direct-dial telephone number. For example, an ephone-dn extension number is 1234, and the dial-plan pattern is "dialplan-pattern 1 4085551... extension-length 4." One POTS dial peer is created for "1234" and a second POTS dial peer is created for "4085551234." A third POTS dial peer is created if an ephone-dn secondary number is defined, and a fourth dial peer is created for this number if the secondary number also matches a dial-plan pattern. When the PSTN connects a DID call for "4085551234" to the Cisco CME system, it also forwards the extension digits "1234" to allow the system to route the call. Dial peers that are created by the ephone-dn command can be reviewed using the show telephony-service dial-peer command

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Re: adding DID

thx for ur reply will work on this though i have did this but need to clear some doubts..

like can i do it this way..

ephone-dn 12

number 0123 secondary 123

whr 0123 matches the main E.164 no. like

56780123 and 123 i sextension and its working perfectly.

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