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adding new pri on vg ios 2851 to ccm mgcp-

Hi everyone, new to voice- mostly route switch guy-  pulled into voice kicking and screaming- so got an new pri and not sure how to config it-

we have a new pri installed  and its ready to go, the cable is just in front of the vg t1 port. Its been setup by the carrier for longdistance/local calling inbound and out. 

The voice gateway and ccms are already setup up, this is just a new circuit to be installed to allow for more  ports for local (pstn) calls. I have a ccm pub and sub running 6.1.2 and they are connected to the voice gateways that are cisco ios vgs 2851s via MGCP.  The gateway is already registered as a gateway to the call managers, and the call manager even sees the free endpoint or the voice t1 port there that im going to use , i need to configure this port to the cisco call manager and set it up so the call manager uses it for inbound and outbound local calls. We have 3 other t1s that do this function, but the endpoints configs for each one in call manager for each one are a little bit different.  Ive looked through documentation, but im pretty stuck on how to add this endpoint to the ccm, from ccm to vg. i assume i can test its functionality by doing some of the sh voic  & sh isdn commands on the vg, and run the ccm dail analyzer tool-  but configs have me stuck-  Do i need to configure the voice gateway t1 1st, and then go to the cisco call manager gateway endpoint and then set it up with certain features,, or is this something i do strictly from the call manager and it writes the config to the voice gateway?

My thoughts where this  ( im in the States so using isdn primary setups)

port to have new pri trunk plugged into it= vg 2 t1 0/1/1 new local pri


config t

controller t1 0/1/1

clock source internal

pri-group timeslots 1-24 service mgcp

description port 7

int S0/1/1:23

no ip address

encapsulation hdlc

isdn switch-type primary-ni

isdn incoming-voice voice

isdn bind-l3 ccm-manager

no cdp enable

and then from the ccm pub- go to devices-gateways- gateway2- click on endpoint 0/1/1 and setup the new gateway endpoint

and try to match it as close to the existing ones as possible- 

Also is something a reasonable person would do during business hours or something that could easily cause a drop in voice connectivity.. meaning, reasonable people would do this over a weekend-

any help or thoughts  or links to documentation greatly appericated-


Cisco Employee

adding new pri on vg ios 2851 to ccm mgcp-

Do a sh diag to see exactly what card you're using, then match that in CUCM.

CUCM can push some of the config but some other you need to do, it's really not a big deal and if you already have some other T1s there it's just a matter of copying the config adjusting the ports.

Above config seems fine so now all you need to do is get into the GW config in CUCM, make sure you're selecting the right port and the right card and then configure the inbound CSS and other settings as needed.

You might need to reset the GW or the MGCP process if you encounter problems so doing this afterhours would be the best.



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if this helps, please rate
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adding new pri on vg ios 2851 to ccm mgcp-

I would say its better to do the gateway configurations in callmanager first and let the CCM push the MGCP configurations to router.

Initialize the T1/E1 on router using card type & network clock selct and make sure the controller T1/E1 is showing

Configure GW in callmanager - select the slot, subslot and configure end point-

Make sure you have the right ISDN switch type selected in CCM GW parameters

select the right voice card and port  - verify from the router using sh diag/ sh inven

On router -

ccm-manager config server

ccm manager config

Reset the gateway from CCM

Verify the registration using Sh ccm

configure the below commands to complete the MGCP configs.

ccm-manager fallback mgcp - if you're using SRST

configure source interface for MGCP media & control

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