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Adhoc Join softkey in 6921

Dear Engineers,

Could someone help me understand if there is a restriction to use the adhoc conferencing using Join softkey in certain phone models. The reason why I am asking is despite myself including those softkeys for specific condition like connected... the softkey does appear only in 7937 but not in 6921... Could someone throw some light on this ?  Thanks

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Adhoc Join softkey in 6921

Dear Friends... The adhoc conference does work with the 6921s provided the conference is initiated from the 6921 phone using the conf button or sofkey... but to accept more than incoming 1 call and conference them on the 6921s is not working meaning the "Join" button doesn't appear. Whereas more than 1 incoming call works with 7937 model with both of them having the same softkey template... I would appreciate if anyone throws some light on this... why "Join" doesn't work with 6921... may be purposefully restricted on lower end deskphone models but please confirm...FYI... both them have been set to max 6 calls and busy trigger 6 calls... and our adhoc conferencing unicast in serviceparameter is also 6 calls... thanks for your time and help

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