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admissionReject on ATA to FXO calls via gatekeeper

Two ATA-816 units are connected to a router with a VIC2-2FXO using a Cisco gatekeeper. The ATA units and the FXO gateway both register correctly with the gatekeeper. A zone prefix for the FXO gateway has also been configured in the gatekeeper.

The FXO is configured with a “connection plar opx” statement to direct incoming calls to a specific ATA port. Incoming PSTN calls to the FXO connect correctly to the configured ATA port.

Calls from any of the ATA ports result in an admission reject “rejectReason calledPartyNotRegistered : NULL”. I have gone over the configs a number of times and the Codec settings appear to be correct. The Codec configurations were corrected to allow the incoming calls from the FXO to the ATA. Technology prefixes were not configured. Configurations are attached.

When the configurations are changed to direct H.323 connections, without a gatekeeper, calls pass correctly in both directions.

Any suggestions?

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