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AIM-VOICE-30 doesn't work in 2611 (hardware is ok)

Hello everybody,

I have 2 x 2611 Cisco routers in my lab.

I recently bought 2 AIM-VOICE-30 modules.

When I insert these modules on the motherboard of my 2611, the card is not accepted.

I have both the 2611s equipped with 16 FLASH / 64 DRAM and latest supported IOS 12.3(26) running.

Following commands doesn't show anything about the AIM-VOICE-30:

- show version

- show diag

- sh inventory

- sh voice dsp

The command 'show pci aim' shows the serial number, revision,....

In my config I also don't see anything about voice-card, DSPs, etc...

Before you blame it on the hardware, I tested these modules on a 2610XM and a 2651, they work fine, all the way.

It would be very strange if both the AIM slots on the 2611s are in error.

Hope someone shines his/her light on this very weird phenomenon.

Edit: Modules should be supported according to Cisco Documentation.

Best Regards,

Wouter Eelen


Re: AIM-VOICE-30 doesn't work in 2611 (hardware is ok)

ATM Advanced Integration Module (AIM) modules installed in 2600/3600/3700 routers require some unique clocking configuration to allow it to function properly. Failure to configure it properly results in errors on the T1/E1 controller and Inverse Multiplexing (IMA) links, as well as groups that flap continuously.

Configure a network clock source and participation for each WIC and AIM module installed. Packet voice and video are sensitive to time delays. To prevent mismatches and data slips, you must synchronize data flows to a single clock source, known as the network clock. When a network clock is configured on a gateway, the router externally clocks one T1 or E1 port, then passes that clock signal across the backplane to another T1 or E1 port on another WIC or network module slot. Use of a network clock on a gateway is configured by naming the network modules and interface cards that are participating in network clocking, and then selecting a controller to act as the source of timing for the network clock.

The network clock provides timing from the source through the controller to the AIM, and then out to all participating router slots. Cisco 2600 series routers support one internal AIM slot, and Cisco 3660 routers support two internal AIM slots. An AIM slot connects to both the main system bus and a secondary time-division multiplexing (TDM) bus running between network module slots and, on the Cisco 2600 series, to WAN interface card (WIC) slots.

For example, on a 2600 series switch with an AIM-ATM module and two VWICs used for IMA, configure as shown:

network-clock-participate wic 0

network-closck-participate wic 1

network-clock-select 1 T1 0/0

On the 2611, 2621, and 2651 the network-clock-participate aim 0 is not required or supported. On the 2691, 3600 or 3700 then you must also include the network-clock-participate aim X command for each installed AIM-ATM module.

Re: AIM-VOICE-30 doesn't work in 2611 (hardware is ok)

Hi Wouter,

I hope you are running IP Plus feature set on your 2611 router. Can you please cross check.

-> Sushil

Community Member

Re: AIM-VOICE-30 doesn't work in 2611 (hardware is ok)

Thanks for the responses. I doubt if it has anything to do with the network clock participate commands. The AIM-VOICE-30 module should be accepted by the 2611, even if you don't have clocking configured. But I will look into that tonight.

I am running IP PLUS basic. The fully equiped IP PLUS feature set requires 32 MB FLASH so I can not install this. (maximum flash is 16MB in 2611) When I check the features (feature comparison) all thenecessary commands are required. I tried some other feature sets, like IP/H323 etc, but those also don't work. The modules are now inserted into a 2610XM, but I am really curious why this doesn't work as expected.

Thanks for the feedback and if you got some other suggestions, please feel free to share them.

edit: I asked some highly qualified IPtel experts, they don't have a clue.

Best Regards,

Wouter Eelen

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