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Alternate extension in CUE

Hi Guys,

There are some Unbelievably experienced people here. will like you to help me with this one.

Can i set up alternate extension on CUE like i do on unity? i mean i want call diverted from an alternate number to go into the voice mail (mailbox)of the main number. is this possible in CUE? if so, how do i do this?


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Re: Alternate extension in CUE

Hi Akin,

This is possible in CUE as well :) Have a look;

Q. How do you associate more than one Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express extension to a Cisco Unity Express voice mailbox?

A. It is possible to have up to two numbers in the same Cisco Unity Express (CUE) User profile. Configure the first number as the Cisco Unity Express User Primary Extension, and the other number as the Primary E.164 number. However, only two Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express extensions are allowed to share the same mailbox in the Cisco Unity Express voicemail.

From this good Q&A doc;

Place one ext in the primary ext field, and the other in the E.164 field

phonenumber - Specifies a number or extension for this user. No spaces or dashes are allowed.

phonenumberE164 - Specifies a telephone number with area code for this user. No spaces or dashes are allowed.


se-10-0-0-0(config)# username user3 create

se-10-0-0-0(config)# username user3 phonenumber 50180

se-10-0-0-0(config)# username user3 phonenumberE164 13335550180

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!



Re: Alternate extension in CUE

I have CallManager, not CCM, and I have a need for multiple alternate extensions.

Is there a way to do this with general delivery mailboxes and the groups associated with them?

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Re: Alternate extension in CUE


i tried this and it is working internally.

when i dial 690 CUE pilot number, i reach the voice mail, i press * and than enter user id and password.

from outside when i can call 690, the voice mail answers saying this mailbox have no extension associated to it, wait while i transfer your call.

i went further with my search, in fact i called the AA locally and than called the 690 and i got the same results, i guess i need the experts ;-)

P.S: i beleive the voice see that the call is coming from the AA not from the original number (either internal or external)

Good day

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