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Alternate Transfer enabled

When creating a new call handler in Unity 5.01 I have noticed that the alternate call transfer is enabled by default. This causes a problem transferring calls since the standard call transfer is also enabled.

Is this a bug? If so, is an ES available?

I don't see anything in the release notes pertaining to call handlers.


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Re: Alternate Transfer enabled


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Re: Alternate Transfer enabled

Since I never got a response I figured I would respond so the workaround is available to others.

This bug ID isn't available via the bug toolkit. Here is TAC's response but you cannot upgrade from 5.01 to 5.0.02, you have to downgrade to 4.2 then upgrade directly 5.0.02.

I hope you are doing well. As per our previous phone conversation, here is

the bug ID CSCsi32779

<> that refers to

this issue:

Symptom: when displaying CallHandler's Transfer settings, the Alternate

transfer setting is displayed.

Steps taken to verify bug fix:

- SA>CallHandlers>Call Transfer

- observe that the "Transfer rule applies to:" pulldown menu displays

"Standard" by default

- enable alternate call transfer and browse to another part of the SA menu,

then back to the Call Handler with the Alternate call transfer rule

- the standard call transfer rule is displayed by default.

Bug fix test environment:

- Unity

This bug is fix on Unity I double-checked with my Tech Lead and

the workarounds we can apply to fix this issue are:

i- Manually change the Call Transfer type to Standard for all the Call

Handlers we have affected.

ii- Request the media CDs/DVDs for Unity, install Unity 4.2 on

that server, upgrade to Unity 5.0.1

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Re: Alternate Transfer enabled

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for posting back with your results! Very kind of you indeed. +5 points for this great follow-up. It's funny, I did spend some time looking for this bug when you posted this up, now I know why I couldn't find it.

Why does Cisco hide these things?? They have the Bug Toolkit, then they keep half the bugs hidden so you have to open a Tac Case. It doesn't make any sense (sorry for the rant!)

Thanks again,


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Re: Alternate Transfer enabled

Thanks for the points. I feel your frustration. It does make sense...they can't give everything away. How else would they be able to sell SmartNet?!!!

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