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Analog phone ringing issue on FXS VG224 MGCP port.

Hi All,


I am having issue with analog phones connected to my VG224 MGCP gateway. The phone is not ringing when we called the analog phone, but can hear the ring back to calling people. Out going call is Ok, but there is some problem with caller ID.

I have attached the running configuration and debug vpm signal. 

Kindly help




when you enter 'show voice

when you enter 'show voice port summary' multiple times during a test call, do you see the port status is changing from on hook to off hook, ringing, etc...?

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Yes I can see the difference

Yes I can see the difference in these values.


Operation State is UP

Currently processing Voice

Ring Active Status is active

Can you also add  "show ccm

Can you also add  "show ccm-manager" and run "debug voip ccapi inout", "debug voip dialpeer inout" along with the "debug vpm signal".  It will give the forum a better view of the entire call.

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Please find it. Only one call

Please find it. Only one call to the issue phone.

The phone is not ringing.


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