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Analogue Feature Lines

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone has worked with BT feature lines before. I have a client who has these installed and is experiencing all sorts of issues such as:

* Intermittently being unable to break dialtone, they have to try a few times. If i plug an analogue phone into the line itself i still have the same issue so am aware its likely a telco issue.

*On incoming calls, the phone rings twice before actually ringing on the ip phone.

Any feedback would be great, thanks.


Re: Analogue Feature Lines

For the dialtone issue - if it happens on an analog phone there's nothing the router can do. Best case scenario for a router with an FXO port is to act like an analog phone, not better.

You can check 'debug vpm signal' for an incoming call. There may be timers to check, or you can try changing from connection plar to connection plar opx.


Re: Analogue Feature Lines

The first issue, as you said, is likely with the telco. Regarding the second issue, are you using caller ID on the lines? If not, you can turn off caller ID on the ports with the "no caller-id enable" command". The delay comes from the port waiting to receive caller ID before connecting the call.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Analogue Feature Lines

Hi Guys,

Caller ID is enabled on the lines and this is another issue where on an analoge phone the caller id comes through but not on the ip phone. Voice port config is as follows:

voice-port 0/1/0

cptone GB

connection plar opx 54321

impedance complex2

description **FXO Port 1234567890**

caller-id enable

Any ideas on why the caller ID would be coming through on the analogue phone but not the ip phone ?

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Re: Analogue Feature Lines

For inability to break UK dialtone see:

For clid try:

caller-id alerting dsp-pre-alloc

Note in general you never have good results with analog lines and your best choice would be to switch to BRI.

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