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Analogue Phones and Unified Workspace Licensing

Hi All,

I have two senarios as shown attached. Both senarios need to integrate analogue phones into an IPT environment with Unified Workspace Licencing.

Senario one has Analogue connected through VG248, while Senario two has the PABX connected/Integrated directly to the csico switch.

The aim of both senarios in to have two-way communiation betweeen analogue and IP Phones i.e. analogue Phones can call IP Phones and Vice Versa.

My question are as follows:

1) Do I need to provide licenses for the analogue Phones on the CUCM?

2) If Licensing is required (using the CUWL-LIC-PRO-K9 top level part number for CUWL), does the  "ANLG-DEV-UWL" take care of the analogue Phones Licenses.

3) If I included CIPC (Soft phones) in this solution, what license part number do I need to cover for per CIPC user?

I will appreciate your cntibutions.


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