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New Member

Analyzing trasferred calls


Regarding the transferred calls listing in CDR I have a question. Please consider the following scenarion:

1. User calls a PSTN number (TelNo#1)

2. User presses "Transfer" and dials another PSTN number (TelNo#2)

3. User presses "Transfer" again and hangs up.

I did this scenario and looked up the CDR to see how it is handled. Now what I found was as following. The CDR created 3 CDR entries.

User called TelNo#1

User Called TelNo#2

TelNo#1 Called TelNo#2

I am able to know who initiated the transfer by looking up the field (lastRedirectDN). However, my problem with this is that since the third call is completely off-net how can I extract the duration for each of the two calls separately? because this is causing a billing issue.

Thank you


Re: Analyzing trasferred calls

If you are talking about the duration in Offnet call, that's there in your last row.

Hope the following link helps....


With best regards... Ashok ----------- Pls kindly rate if helpful or answered your question.
New Member

Re: Analyzing trasferred calls

Thanks for your answer. However, I am not looking for the duration of the transfered call. If you examine the scenario I mentioned closely you will notice that the last call is actually the two PSTN numbers talking to each other after the user who made the transfer hangs up by pressing the transfer button. This call is actually the product of two PSTN calls that the user made. My problem is that I am not able to know what is the duration for each of the two calls separately.



Re: Analyzing trasferred calls

Hmmm, then I think "Transfer with consultation" feature will help you to get duration for middle call as well.

With best regards... Ashok ----------- Pls kindly rate if helpful or answered your question.
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