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ANI on transfers

We are installing an application to work with our call centers that opens a customers file by referenceing the ANI of the call coming in.

The problem is the Call Manager does not send the ANI to the recieveing phone untill the CRS releases it.

Is it possible to receive the ANI right away?

We are on Call Manager


Re: ANI on transfers

What is the exact call flow?

Ivse seen that if the CTI port is dialing the IP Phone, the CTI port should do a blind transfer since the call is coming originally from a CTI port, or if using CAD, you can populate those fields into Agents phone.

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Re: ANI on transfers

You'll need to have the application get this information from CAD. CAD can pass this information when the call is first presented and before the agent answers based on Enterprise Data.


1) If it is browser-based, you can execute an HTTP POST or GET within the integrated browser.

2) If the application will accept it, you can pass an IPC call (Inter-Process Communication) to it. This is a formatted UDP packet that CAD would send, typically on a loopback address, to a port the other application is listening on.

3) If the action can be repeated with a consistent series of key strokes, you can call a macro to replay that key sequence, effectively paste the data into the correct field, and execute the search.

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