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Another CallManager Database Restoration Question

Can you restore a primary CallManager SQL database from another CallManager's copy of it.

To elaborate, we have two Cisco CallManager's in a cluster. The primary one (which has a SQL database named CCM0300) had it's database corrupted somehow. So can I take the secondary one (which has a database named CCM0301) and copy it's database over the one on the primary?

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

--Matt P.

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Re: Another CallManager Database Restoration Question


I have been in a similar situation and I am afraid the answer is No! You cannot copy a sql database like that.

Secondly on your cluster you must always have the same database running. So it is not possible to have one CCM using CCM0300 and another running CCM0301. What this implies is that you have upgraded one of the CM servers and didnt upgrade the other.

So please check poperly, your CCM clusters must always runt he same database.

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