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Another DST bug in CUCM 7.1 ???

Beginning at 12:08AM November 2nd (this morning, not yesterday morning) we began to receive RTMT alerts:

Service status is DOWN. Cisco CAR Web Service. The alert is generated on Mon Nov 02 00:08:24 CST 2009 on node [publisher].

I was unable to get to the network features services page for the publisher, nor was I able to login to the admin pages. I ended up having to restart the server via CLI. Is this possibly some sort of DST bug? It's odd that this happened almost exactly 24 hours after the real DST change occurred.

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Re: Another DST bug in CUCM 7.1 ???


I had the same problem with CAR Web service. Twice since I upgraded to 7.1.2. It always stopped around midnight. It made the Tomcat service stuck, and neither the admin page, nor the AXL connection to the publisher, were working. I just had to restart the Tomcat on the CLI.

I was lucky that the customer did not used CAR, then I just deactivated the service. Now I'm waiting to see if it will happen again.

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Re: Another DST bug in CUCM 7.1 ???

Looks like you're running into this bug. I know I did.


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Re: Another DST bug in CUCM 7.1 ???

I doubt this is the bug. We very rarely have to restart any services on our CUCM servers.

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