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Another modification to B-ACD/AA

I've added another small but crucial feature to the branch 'PL2' that can be acquired at

The problem was with B-ACD/AA enabled on ISDN BRI lines with overlap-receiving. The ISDN state machine sends a setup acknowledge message on receipt of a setup for overlap. This cause the default script to crash with an error when trying to execute "leg setupack".

As a workaround, I had calls to operator coverage be handled by ephone-hunt first, then sent to B-ACD/AA via "final" number and loopback voip DP. But this proved problematic as well.

Now, with a config parameter "no-setup-ack" the step is skipped, and the script the works as supposed.

It is then possible to terminate en-block or overlap calls to the root number, (this requires another trick) and of course, DID en-block or overlap calls.I hope that makes some sense and can help. It is certainly needed when working with variable length numbering plan countries.

Previously I added:

- Better handling of not answered or engaged calls to extensions.

- Business Hours support.


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