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Anyone know how to disable access to the settings on a 79xx VOIP? Or require a PIN to access them?

I am trying to lock down a 7945/60/70/75 model VoIP so users aren't able to see the network settings? Can this be done? CUCM 8.6

Cisco Employee

Yes, at device level or

Yes, at device level or common phone profile


Indicates whether the Settings button on the phone is functional. When Settings Access is enabled, you can change the phone network configuration, ring type, and volume on the phone. When Settings Access is disabled, the Settings button is completely disabled; no options appear when you press the button. Also, you cannot adjust the ringer volume or save any volume settings. By default, Settings Access is enabled.


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Thanx Jaime!Would you make

Thanx Jaime!

Would you make this change in the "Enterprise Phone Configuration" or "Common Phone Profile Configuration "? What would changing it to restricted do? Am trying to set PIN access and remove the default " **# " .

Cisco Employee

There's no way to set a PIN,

There's no way to set a PIN, all we do is hide elements. Restricted only allows you to change volume, do this in your deployment to see exactly what happens with each.

Apply this at the level you need, that's up to you.



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Thanx again Jaime!!I'll give

Thanx again Jaime!!

I'll give it a try when I can reset all the devices.

JaimeThanx again for the help


Thanx again for the help yesterday unfortunately disabling settings in the common phone profile didn't work....  I've even tried to disable it on a specific phone and am still able to get into the settings and use the **# to unlock the device as well as see the configuration. Any other ideas? Thanx again!


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