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Arc Enterprise and Shared Lines- Line State-BLF inconsistent

Does anyone here use the ARC Enterprise Attendant Console with Call Manager 4.1.3 and SHARED lines? We have an environment with many shared lines. When a line is shared in the SAME partition in our environmetn, the Line state status is not always consistent.

For example, Phone A with line one is on an out bound phone call. The ARC console shows the line status as Idle. We also have Phones that show "disconnected " although the phones are actually registered.


Re: Arc Enterprise and Shared Lines- Line State-BLF inconsistent

The problem is that, although same DNs on separate partitions are not considered shared lines, the Attendant Console is not

"partition" aware because of limitation of Java TAPI. The AC will react erratically to these situations and might work or stop working after some the services come online. This is resolved in CCM 5.x as the design of AC has changed.

The following bug addresses this issue and provides possible workarounds:

CSCdw88542 - CCNE exception on call from device with duplicate DNs


CCNException intermittently occurs when JTAPI initiates an outbound call

from one of two lines on the same device with duplicate DNs. DNs are each in

a separate partition.

Configuration of phone:

Cisco 7960 (SEP003094C2E1E7):

2105 Partition: CompleteIS

2105 Partition: CIS_Demo

2100 Partition: CompleteIS

Speed Dial

Speed Dial

Speed Dial


Only occurs when JTAPI directs the call. Call can be on- or off-net.


Configure 2105 in partition CIS_Demo as 210X and configure phones that need

to reach the second line with a CSS that includes only CIS_Demo partition.

Another work around would be to configure 210[5] as DN in partition


I know that you are using ArC, so you may contact them and asked them for inputs in regards above comments.


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Re: Arc Enterprise and Shared Lines- Line State-BLF inconsistent


We are experiencing the issue with BLF support for Shared Lines (same DN, SAME Partition) *not the same dn across different parttions

e.g. DN 2000 appears on two phones in the same partition. The Arc application does not report the accurate line state/status.

Thanks for your feedback

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