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ASA Phone Proxy issue


I've a CUCM Cluster with 2 nodes which are located in different cities and communicate to eachother through MPLS. some of the phones are on publisher and some of them are on subscriber.

1- I've recently set up phone proxy on cisco ASA. it's working fine for phone ar on publisher but when somone calls to an ip phone on subscriber it rings but can not hear anything.

Just publisher has been published as TFTP on ASA.       

2- Extension Mobility and Phone directory service is not working on remote registered phone.

The configuration is as per bellow:


crypto ca trustpoint CUCM_TFTP_SERVER_TP

enrollment self


crl configure

crypto ca trustpoint CAP-RTP-001_TRUSTPOINT

enrollment terminal

crl configure

crypto ca trustpoint CAP-RTP-002_TRUSTPOINT

enrollment terminal

crl configure


enrollment terminal

crl configure

crypto ca trustpoint CAPF_TRUSTPOINT

enrollment terminal

crl configure

tls-proxy ASATLSP

server trust-point _internal_PP_ASA-CTL

no server authenticate-client

ctl-file ASA-CTL

record-entry cucm-tftp trustpoint CUCM_TFTP_SERVER_TP address x.x.x.x

no shutdown


media-termination MTP

address x.x.x.x


phone-proxy ASA_PHONE_PROXY

media-termination MTP

tftp-server address interface inside

tls-proxy ASATLSP

cipc security-mode authenticated

ctl-file ASA-CTL

no disable service-settings

timeout secure-phones 0:01:00

proxy-server address interface inside

class-map SEC_SIP

match port tcp eq 5061

class-map SEC_SCCP

match port tcp eq 2443

policy-map VOICE_POLICY

class SEC_SCCP

inspect skinny phone-proxy ASA_PHONE_PROXY

class SEC_SIP

inspect sip phone-proxy ASA_PHONE_PROXY

service-policy VOICE_POLICY interface outside



ASA Phone Proxy issue

Hi Karmin

1- I hope to check the following configurtion on page 71 . Can you publisher also subscriber ,Can you do  add for the subcriber

static (inside,outside) 1X.X.X.X  X.X.X.X

2- For Extension mobilty , i think HTTPS traffice cannot be established .Please find the below

Cisco ASA:CSCti62447


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Re: ASA Phone Proxy issue

Hi islam,

Thanks for reply.

This example is for mixed mode but my cluster is working in non secure mode

       Also, as my subscriber is in another city I can not nat it through my main ASA at publisher site.

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