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Associate User to Phones CM 4-1-3

Hi all,

I have about 300 existing Phones and 300 existing users in CM 4-1-3 (no LDAP, using DC Dir)

Is there an easy way to make a list and use BAT to associate each user to his phone so I can deploy services? I can't seem to find it.



Re: Associate User to Phones CM 4-1-3


Yes you are right, you can use a text based CSV file to create the associations with the user accounts and their phones.

You must specify PIN and Password values, either on the CSV file or when using BAT for file insertion. If you want to apply individual PINs or passwords for each user or group of users, specify the PIN and password information in the CSV file. If you want to use a default PIN and password that all users can use, do not specify PIN or password values in the CSV file and instead provide this information when you use BAT to insert the CSV file in Cisco Unified CallManager.


The following sample format and examples show the fields, field length, and whether the field is optional or mandatory for a text-based CSV file for users.

First Name(Optional, 1 to 50 characters),Last Name(Mandatory, 1 to 50 characters),User ID(Mandatory, up to 30 characters),Manager User ID(Optional, up to 30 characters, must use existing ID in global directory),Department (Optional, up to 50 characters),PIN (Optional, up to 20 numerals),Default Profile(Optional, up to 50 characters),User Locale (Optional, up to 50 characters),Telephone Number (Optional, up to 20 numerals),Primary Extension (Optional, up to 50 numerals),Associated PC (Optional, up to 50 characters),ICD Extension(Optional, up to 50 numerals),Mail ID (Optional, up to30 characters),Presence Group (Optional, up to 50 characters),Subscribe Calling Search Space (Optional, up to 50 characters)


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I have attached a document explaining the process. See specifically:

Creating a Text-Based CSV File for Users

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