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New Member

ATA 168 from V

I have as ATA 168. It is from V+++. Sw ver V3.2.0

I have the DCHP url   from VIR. It appears  not to be password locked.

I enter it in the browser  it says not found.

I cannot look at the config menu.

I tried 3 browsers - even turned off the FW.

Has to be something simple?

Any advice? I have read all the ATA 186 posts


Cisco Employee

Re: ATA 168 from V

Assuming u mean ATA186.

Can u ping ATA's IP (as learnt from IVR menu?) from the PC you are trying to http to ?

Please see following doc and try assigning it a static IP via IVR menu preferably on the

same subnet as the PC you have and try http again:



New Member

Re: ATA 168 from V

Sorry about the model number  - yes 186 ATA

Yes can ping the url.

Will give the IVR static IP assign


New Member

Re: ATA 168 from V

OK it appears it  password locked. I cannot change the IP adr.

Tried the password reset no luck.

Guess I cannot use this for another VOIP service.

I will read more about the password rest, but I think I am at a  loss.

Looks like V has won one

New Member

Re: ATA 168 from V

Password research follow-up . Appears   from  what I read and what I have tried to program, I cannot use this ATA on any other VOIP network.. NO way to reset the password or the config


Cisco Employee

Re: ATA 168 from V

Tried factory reset ?

Step 1 Press  the function button on the Cisco ATA.

Step 2 Press  the digits 322873738 (FACTRESET)  then press # on your  telephone keypad.

Step 3 Press  3 on  your telephone keypad to confirm that you want to reset the Cisco ATA, then hang  up the phone.

New Member

Re: ATA 168 from V

Yes did that. It keeps asking for the password.. nope it is locked by V. I will try to contact them for the password. I closed the acct years ago. I want to try another VOIP  service  - cheaper  but do not want to invest in another ATA

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