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ATA 186 and 911 Call

We just upgraded one of the campus network (The LAN Portion Only). Customer already has CCM 5.1 installed which I believe with basic 911. In additional the whole campus has (3) emergency analog phones connected via ATA186 outside of the building in case if the buildings are closed and some will need to call 911.

For example, In an old VLAN network, if the ATA 186 was connected to port in VLAN 2(First Floor) and in a new network if the ATA port was moved from VLAN 2(1st Floor) to VLAN 3 (2nd Floor) will it make any difference in terms of a physical address assigned to analog line for PSAP operator to dispatch the emergency personnel.

As far as I am concerned the VLAN and port assignments are very critical for Enhanced 911, but not sure if this will

make difference for regular 911 calls made via analog phone.

Feedback will be appreciated.


Re: ATA 186 and 911 Call

Depending the configuration we should detect IP Phone change and assign proper ERL.

Check if in CER those ATA have proper assigment.

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Re: ATA 186 and 911 Call

There is no CER. Customer is using basic 911 services.


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