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ATA 186 & Fax

I've used previously ATA 186 units with call manager express and they worked fine for telephone purpose.

Now i'm in process of installing a new telephone system and i'm planning of using a lot of ata 186 for telephone, fax and fire alarms.

i've seen previous conversations about issues of making ata 186 work with the fax and this is kind of pulling me back from using this device. Did anybody use this device for a fax machine before, and what is the problem if there is?

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Re: ATA 186 & Fax

I would not recommend using an ATA186 in a new deployment. You should use a VG2XX product.

I have discussed this in this thread, including a link to how to properly configure the individual ATA for fax:

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Re: ATA 186 & Fax

Well i've used VG224 before and here is why i'm trying not use it here:

Physically we have 1 to 2 analog phones per station, so it would be very costly to install VG224 at every station for just 2 phones.

Second VG224 has a line voltage problem. Per specification it provides -44V, but the actual line voltage you get is below -39V. Per customer specification i need to have minimum -48V

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Re: ATA 186 & Fax

Cisco has released VG202 and VG204 for two and four FXS ports respectively. These are intended to replace the ATA product.

As for your voltage problems with the VG224: There have been multiple bugs related to this. Both that I can find at the moment of have been resolved.



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