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ATA 187 AND CME 8.6

When we add ATA 8.6 to CME 8.6 we are getting the following error message, please let me know what we are missing ?

2000/01/01 00:14:39:124   IP phone is in non-secure mode 

2000/01/01 00:14:39:254   Succeed to get ATAA418758A2A5E.cnf.xml

2000/01/01 00:14:40:855   File Not Found : CTLSEP18758A2A5E01.tlv

2000/01/01 00:14:40:859   No CTL installed

2000/01/01 00:14:40:863   IP phone is in non-secure mode

2000/01/01 00:14:40:985   Succeed to get ATA18758A2A5E01.cnf.xml

2000/01/01 00:14:42:584   File Not Found : CTLSEPA418758A2A5E.tlv

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Re: ATA 187 AND CME 8.6


When a CTL or ITL file is present, the IP Phone requests a signed TFTP configuration file from the TFTP server. This allows the phone to verify the configuration file came from a trusted source. With CTL / ITL files present on phones, configuration files must be signed by a trusted TFTP server. The file is plain text on the network while being transmitted, but comes with a special verification signature.

Since your ATA is not requesting a signed configuration file, then you shouldnt have any problems...

NB A signed configuration file will look like this: ATA18758A2A5E01.cnf.xml.sgn

Does your ATA not register? and has the ATA previuosly register with CUCM server in the past?

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Re: ATA 187 AND CME 8.6

ATA is brand new, it is not get registered with CME 8.6 via auto registration [ 7945 phone are registered using auto registration ].

Even I try manually to get register the ATA and assign ep-phone dn, but the ata GUI page I am not able to see the directory number.

Please help me how to troubleshoot ATA 187 registration with CME 8.6.

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