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ATA problem after UCM Upgrade 6.1 to 7.0.2


we've recently upgraded our UCM cluster from 6.1 to 7.0.2 on new hardware. We changed the tftp-server in the dhcp scopes and made a reset of the phones on the old cluster. after contacting the new tftp-server (new publisher) the phones loaded the new firmware and registered on the new cluster. so far so good, but we've problems with our ata's. They got the new tftp-setting by dhcp but they didn't load the new firmware. It seems, that are no .cnf-files on the tftp for the ata's, because they have a "SEPDEFAULT.cnf" as tftp-file. futhermore the ata's are still registered on the old cluster. As workaround, we've added the new publisher as a static ip directly on the ata (webinterface). So what can i do?

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Re: ATA problem after UCM Upgrade 6.1 to 7.0.2

Hi ,

It happens some time that the ATA are not able to download the upgraded cnf file , could be a rason that file becomes large in size

so try downloading the .cnf file from the TFTP server .

Tftp  get ATA000E38B6E691.cnf.xml

and then set up local TFTP server and point the ATA to pick the load from the configured TFTP server.

Hope that should help!



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Re: ATA problem after UCM Upgrade 6.1 to 7.0.2

Hi Vivek,

thanks for your reply. Yes, this is already my workaround. I found this bug "CSCsd44357 - ATA186 auto-registration fails if XMLDefault file exceeds 4k in size".

The problem is, that my ATA.cnf.xml files are larger than 4k!

So, I'd setup a seperate tftp-server with a custom XMLDefault.cnf.xml (smaller than 4k) and the new "ATA030204.....zup" in the root directory. The problem occurs only with firmware 3.2.3. After changing the tftp-server to the ccm tftp-server the ata's registered with the new cluster. Hope new ata's will be shipped with the newest firmware

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Re: ATA problem after UCM Upgrade 6.1 to 7.0.2

Perfect! that will fix your issue.

And you are right that has been fixed in the latest firmware

we can hope that the nwe shipped ATA's would have the latest firmware now.



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