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ATA186 Drop calls on Port2


Ppl I need some help here...I have configured a couple Cisco ATA186 Devices on a client here. The thing is that the DN attached to Port 1 of each ATA receives and make calls flawlessly(I get G.729 codec on calls). But after I hang up and try to call the DN attached to the Port 2 of these devices as soon as the person pickup the call I get a drop and the person gets a mute tone.

I've read the ATA186 manual and it says that it won't accept 2 g.729 calls simultaneosly...ok...But it's not at the same time...

I've tried to put the Port 2 devices(created automatically on the CCM,so I wouldn't have problems with the MAC Address, I just changed the lines-DN-on them)on a different Device Pool so I could create a new Region for them and force the codec to be G711:

This is how it looks:

Dev.Pool: Default

Default to Default - G711

Default to RS - G729(RS is in another town-across MPLS)

Default to ATA-PORT2 - G711

Dev.Pool: RS

RS to RS - G711

RS to Default - G729

RS to ATA-PORT2 - G711

Dev.Pool: ATA-PORT2


ATA-PORT2 to Default - G711

ATA-PORT2 to RS - G711

Do I have to make any config. on the ATA itself? Or in the CMM? Or even at the 2821 Gateways?

By the way, the ATA is set to use SCCP ok?

Thanks for your time and attention!

Att, Dan


Re: ATA186 Drop calls on Port2

That is WAD, ATA CANNOT handle 2 g729 calls at a time. Its a DSP limitation.

Not sure what is your question? Please clarify

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Re: ATA186 Drop calls on Port2

Ok! I got it! I didn't know it was a Hardware limitation, I thought on some software configuration...Anyways...I got it to work!

Thanks a lot!

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