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ATA186 euro config help advice

Hello all

i have configured an ATA186 to work with a H323 gateway, this will be used for fax. I think i have the config right but am a little concerned since last time i tried to get a fax to work with this device it failed. Can someone take a look at my config and tell me if it looks ok i am particularly interested in the settings i have on the ATA for audio and connection mode.

ata has latest h323 firmware

so settings on ATA are:

--are these ok for g711alaw?

Audio Mode 0x00150015

Connect Mode 0x90000400

my dial peer is the following

dial-peer voice 2684 voip

description fax to ata 2684

destination-pattern 2684

modem passthrough nse codec g711alaw

session target ipv4:

incoming called-number 684

fax rate disable

no vad

Last time i tried this 2 years ago the fax kept missing lines of test, so i used a fxs port instead. Any help greatly appreciated.


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Re: ATA186 euro config help advice

I thought i would answer my own question just incase someone is reading this.

the setting on ATA for europe should be

Audio Mode 0x00150015

Connect Mode 0x90002400 (the 2 sets codec to g711alaw

The cisco documentation only show examples for USA.Connect Mode 0x90000400 g711ulaw

hope this helps someone


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