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Attendand console


I have a customer that wants implement AC in a CME7 (may be CME8).

I dont know a solution for that. Can somebody let me know if there is an apps for cme like this?.


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Re: Attendand console


Try ARC Express...


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Re: Attendand console

Hi Rafael,

Hope all is well buddy

Just wanted to add a note to the good tips from my friend Aaron. +5 for

this and all your great help here Aaron! It's great to have you back.

Arc Express for CME from Cisco Partner Arc Solutions;

Arc Express

Arc Express is a professional Operator Console interface, which provides enterprise class functionality to smaller organizations that are using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express voice platform.

The system is designed to allow small to medium sized organizations (SMBs) to offer an enhanced level of service to their callers. Arc Express allows receptionists, admin staff and operators to handle multiple calls into the business using a well designed and easy to use interface.

Key features

Easy wizard based installation

Audible and visual alerting on new calls

Automatic pick-up option

Multiple queues with on-screen solution

Automatic selection of highest priority call

CLI based call prioritisation

Dialed number (DNIS) call prioritisation

Graphical representation of queues

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) window

Call recall information on returning calls

Alternative contact number hot-key

Calendar module manages on-line diaries

E-mail messages from the console to staff

Compatible with standard spec desktop PCs

Hope this helps!


Re: Attendand console

The Arc Express product is end of life.

Not sure what's coming next.  I thought I saw an announcement, but can't find it.

Re: Attendand console

Correct.  Arc Express is EOL.

Clifford, you may be thinking of Cisco Smart CallConnector (  I saw something come across my e-mail about Smart CallConnector being a replacement product.  But on a second look I see this is just for the UC500 (not sure it is officially compatible with CME), so maybe I am mistaken.  Who knows with all the e-mail I have piling up ;-)

Good catch though Clifford (+5 pts).



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Attendand console

You're right Bill, this is currently supported only on UC500

CME/ISR Customers;

The new  Smart CallConnector  Operator is supported with the UC540/60 products  only though the small business support group.

ISR  customers can't get support on this new application though MS TAC at  this time.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this for CME in the near future, but i don't know of any ETAs.



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