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Attendant Console Hold Time

I am having a issue with the attendant console que hold time. I have the time set to 30 seconds, and have a always route member in my AC huntgroup, but the call always stays in que and never gets routed. I have restarted the TCD services, disabled and re-enabled the queing, but I can never get the call to route out of que when the hold time expires. I am running CM 4.1(3) SR3c.

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Re: Attendant Console Hold Time

Hi Robert,

This really sounds like an issue with the "Always Route Member". Can you try entering a different Directory Number against the "Always Route Member" to test and see if it routes properly?

The hold time specifies the maximum time (in seconds) that Cisco TCD keeps a call in the queue. If the call is in the queue for longer than the "HoldTime," the call gets redirected to "AlwaysRoute" member. If the "AlwaysRoute" member is not configured, no action occurs.

From this doc;

Always Route Member

Always Route Member, an optional check box, applies only to directory numbers.

If this check box is checked, Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher (TCD) always routes the call to this hunt group member, whether it is busy or not.

If this check box is checked, Cisco TCD does not check whether the line is available before routing the call.

To manage overflow conditions, check this check box for voice-messaging or auto-attendant numbers that handle multiple, simultaneous calls.

For linked hunt groups, only check the Always Route Member check box when you are configuring the final member of each hunt group.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Attendant Console Hold Time

I have tried multiple numbers and have the same issue. The only way I can get this to work is if the routing is set to broadcast, which I cannot use. If I have it set to another other than this, the call never leaves the queue.

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Re: Attendant Console Hold Time

Hi Robert,

That is a weird one isn't it! Maybe you are hitting this bug;

CSCsd72584 Bug Details

Headline AC call routed to client remains in queue causing new calls to back up

First Found-in Version 4.1(3)

First Fixed-in Version 4.2(3.6), 4.2(2.2), 4.2(1)SR01, 4.2(1)ES07, 4.1(3)ES54


Attendant Console will occasionally fail to route queued calls to an available and online hunt group member. No calls will be routed to the "always route member" and all new calls to the pilot point will be queued.


Seen with CM 4.1(3)SR3 and Attendant Console 1.4(1)ES11. AC is set up with a non-broadcast queue.


Restart the Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher service on all nodes.

Further Problem Description:

The root cause of this issue is that TCD is getting stuck in a loop where it thinks the last call that was successfully routed to the hunt group is still in the queue. It will fail but TCD will continue to attempt to route the call forever. Since

this is the oldest call in the queue no newer calls will be routed.

Hope this helps!


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