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Attendant Console is only showing one call at one time

I am putting this discussion in the Contact Center thread but I think this issue is with CUCM.

We are getting the attendant console from the CUCM plug-in.

We made changed/adding queue in the IPCC/CUCM system, but suddenly the attendant console is not showing the second and third calls but those calls are still connecting, only the reception cannot see those calls.  The reception will get those calls after she complete the first call.  I believe we should be able to see the second, third... calls when they are on the queue.  The attendant console is only showing once call at one time.

I am not sure if the changed that i made was related to this issue or accidently it is happening at the same time.

I restarted the "Cisco CallManager Attendant Console Server" in both Pub and Sub and has no luck.

Our CUCM version is

Any idea what would be the issue?



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Re: Attendant Console is only showing one call at one time

If you're using AC with broadcast there is no issue, that's WAD

Understanding Call Queuing

The attendants cannot view the queued calls. When a hunt group member becomes available, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Attendant Console redirects the call to that hunt group member.



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Re: Attendant Console is only showing one call at one time

As always, Thank you java for the link,

Does it mean that the second/third/….calls will not be presented in the AC windows/screen?

I looked at AC pilot point and we have one pilot point:

Route Calls to “first available, Hunt group member has 2 members (even though we only use one agent for now)

The “Queuing Enable” option is NOT checked

Queue size = 32

Queue hold time = 0

And I have one DN for the Pilot point

I guess after reading the article, the IPCC is only providing the Call Flow in our system.  And then the IPCC will send it to the queue.  (I guess) I did not add another queue rather that I added another call flow in the IPCC.

I did not created anything in the AC, only adding call flow in the IPCC to be pointed to the current queue.
The problem is the reception cannot see (in the AC) another call coming in when she is on the phone (first call). She claimed that she can see 2nd/3rd call but NOW I am not sure if she could see it before.

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