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Attendant Console LDAP Directory

We have integrated our CallManager with Active directory. From our phones we can browse to any USER or CONTACT listed in AD. My problem is that in the Attandant Console, I can only brows the USERS of AD. Any CONTACT existing or added to AD will not show up in the Directory of Attendant Console. Is this a BUG.


Re: Attendant Console LDAP Directory

By default the Cisco CallManager Attendant Console client application shows the user list data from the file in this order of precedence:

1. The user list filename is explicitly defined in the Settings >Advanced tab.

2. The userlist\CorporateDirectory.txt file exists on the server.

3. The userlist\AutoGenerated.txt file exists on the server.

The AutoGenerated.txt file is generated by the Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher service (as the name suggests). This file is generated when any one of these happens:

* The service starts up (and Directory Sync Period is not equal to 0).

* The Directory Sync Period expires. Directory Sync Period value is changed from the Administration pages.


* You can generate the CorporateDirectory.txt file if your user list is located on a

different directory server. Complete these steps:

1. Open a command window on the Cisco CallManager server.

2. CD to C:\Program Files\Cisco\CallManagerAttendant\bin.

3. Execute builddir.bat.

4. At a minimum, you need to specify the first two command line parameters. Default values for the rest may or may not work for your configuration, based on how the directory is configured.

* url ? -searchBase

* searchFilter (default: "(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)")

* managerDN (default: "")

* managerPW (default: "")

* department (default: "department")

A sample command is builddir -url ldap:// -searchBase "ou=people,".

5. Repeat this on all the Cisco CallManager systems in the cluster.


I think this would solve this problem.

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Re: Attendant Console LDAP Directory

Thanks for replying. I would prefer to use the AutoGenerated.txt file on the server. We make many changes to our AD structure and would like them to be immediately reflected in the Corporate directory. The Directory Sync period is set to 3(CM default). The synchronization appears to be working fine.

I checked the AutoGenerated.txt file on the server. It DOES NOT have any AD CONTACTS listed. It only lists USERS. I guess my questions are:

1. Why doesn't the AutoGenerated.txt file list the CONTACTS of AD?

2. What list does the IP phone use to find users in the Corporate Directory?

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