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Attendant Console - Single user failure

Good Day!


Customer has four users configured for Attendant Console and three have been working as desired for several months.

The fourth AC user has an interesting problem. If she logs in to AC on her computer as any of the other three users, everything works. If she logs in as herself, it appears that AC cannot see her logged in.

Control is up and it shows she is online, but when she is the only user available, the system indicates that no-one is available and sends it to voicemail. If she logs out and logs back in as another user, it works like a champ.

I have quadruple-checked that her account is set-up the same as the other three.

I have even tried it on my own computer and it behaves the same, indicating that it's not a problem with her computer.

Any ideas? TAC is at a loss as well.

Thank you!



Re: Attendant Console - Single user failure

Has that user been added as a Hunt Group Memeber within the Attendant Console Pilot Number that the others are associated with? It sounds like that step in the process was missed. That, at least, would explain the symptoms.

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Re: Attendant Console - Single user failure

Thank you for your quick response.

This user has already been added to the AC Pilot Point hunt group (Her Line 7 as the first member). Actually, when logged in as a different user, the calls will go to her line 7 as the first option.

Very odd.

Re: Attendant Console - Single user failure

When she is logged in as another user and it works, is that user also setup to have calls delivered on line 7?

New Member

Re: Attendant Console - Single user failure

Yes, this other user does have their line 7 configured as well in AC.

Re: Attendant Console - Single user failure

I guess I would try deleting her AC account and recreating. Or at least create a new account and see if the problem is effecting all new AC users. My guess is something, either a obscure setting or some database error, is wrong with that user's account.

New Member

Re: Attendant Console - Single user failure

I will try deleting and recreating her account. I'll let you know how it works.

Thanks for your help!

Cisco Employee

Re: Attendant Console - Single user failure


Perhaps some info is in cache and not being refreshed, TAC should ask your TCD and CCM traces to check them. Try restarting TCD and CTI manager, if still fails restart CCM service.

Hope it helps


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