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aupair.exe 100% cpu

Hi there,

We're currently experiencing an issue where aupair.exe would consume 100% at random times and it doesn't happen everyday, more like once every other week. We are running 4.1(3) and it has happened at least once on each subscriber/publisher. Most of our callmanagers, with the exception of toronto are located at the same site. Any ideas on what maybe causing these spikes? I have looked at the tac collection tool and the stated solution is to restart the db layer monitoring service. However, this is a reoccuring issue. Does anyone have any idea of the root cause and what maybe the solution?



Re: aupair.exe 100% cpu

Have you tried rebooting the server? Take a look to the following bugs:




I have also seen this problem when you have services that you shouldn't on the server, for example, CDR insert on the Subscribers.



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Re: aupair.exe 100% cpu

Yes we got the chance to reboot the cluster during dst patching. We have a case opened with tac and they want us to hard code the duplex settings on the nic and switch. Thanks

Btw, I could only lookup the last bug in your list. The first two were not found in the bug toolkit.

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Re: aupair.exe 100% cpu

If you use the "new" bug toolkit it will state the first bug was replaced with the second bug and only Cisco employees can see the bug.

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Re: aupair.exe 100% cpu

I had the same issue and found a solution K41723484. Restarting the Database Layer Monitor Service on the subscriber resolved it.

Re: aupair.exe 100% cpu

Upgrade to SR4d there are several bugs in previous versions.

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