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Auto Answer Speakerphone

I have a client that wants the speakerphone to auto answer between 8am-3pm but have it turned off outside of those hours. Is there anyway at all to do this?

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Re: Auto Answer Speakerphone

One way to do this would be to configure two DNs to the phone with the same number, but in different partitions. Configure one for auto answer. Then, setup time of day routing to determine when each DN will be active. See the following link for a ToD routing example.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Auto Answer Speakerphone

Yeah, I thought of this option. The use is in classrooms. During the day, the main office can call and get auto answered. Outside of normal hours, if parents call they want teachers to pick up. I can do the two line thing because they are using 7945's and the second line for a speed dial to the office.

Re: Auto Answer Speakerphone

I don't believe this is possible. I even checked 7.1(3) and no such feature exists. You have two options that I can think of on the fly:


You could use TOD routing on the CUCM cluster. The gist is to create two lines on the phone. One that auto-answers and one that doesn't. Then use TOD to redirect calls to one of these lines accordingly.


Create an AXL/SOAP application. This application should be able to use AXL/SOAP (i.e. updateLine) to update the line you wish to control. You could place this application on a server and use a cron job (or at/scheduler in windows) and have it enable/disable the speakerphone using the application. You could also web enable this with an XML front end that would allow the phone user to enable/disable the behavior (phone restart will occur). Or you could do a combo. The manual method may make sense if the time range fluctuates at all.

I guess there is an option_C as well. A variation on option_A. Instead of TOD routing, you could use CFA on another extension (real or bogus phone) and alternate the CFA destination to be a line that autoanswers or a line that does not.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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