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Auto Attendant pointing to CCX servers


We have a SRST GW(2911) in one of our remote branch where PSTN analog lines are terminated locally to the GW and the IP phones are registered to Head Office. Need to setup Auto attendant or IVR in the location. How to enable CUE in the SRST router with GUI and how to point & play the auto attendant residing in the head office CCX server...

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Auto Attendant pointing to CCX servers

Hi Mohamed,

As I understand here, you want to recreate your Autoattendant in your CUE within you that rigth?...well first of all you need to know that if your UCCX autoattendan is too complex, maybe you won't be able to recreate exactly the same in your CUE, but if it is a simple autoattendant, let's say a menu option with dial by extension, then you are not going to have a problem.

Does your CUE already installed and working in your router?


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Auto Attendant pointing to CCX servers

Hi Gabriel,

GooD Day,

Actually i want to have an Auto attendant in CCX server which is in head office. If the WAn link goes down the auto attendant should be played in the local SRST CUE router. AA in CCX will be an extended IVR and the AA in CUE can be a simple AA which serves only during WAN outage. We chose this option as we do not have VM/AA ports available in the CUE. If we can get minimum of 8 concurrent ports/seesion for AA ports in CUE then we can have AA in CUE itself. How to increase AA ports in CUE (now its showing as zero) or how to point AA in CCX?


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