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Auto Dial at IP Phone!!!

For example, there are a lot of calls you need to make every day.

Instead of you hit a key pad on IP Phone, or copy and paste a phone number at IP Communicator every day, I want to create a auto-dial at IP Phone by clicking a phone number at the application.

Is there any way to do it?? Like 3rd party software, IPCCX, or write a program ourself???

Any Idea, I will apprecate...




Re: Auto Dial at IP Phone!!!


You have a lot of options to achieve more or less similar functionality.

a. For dialing internal calls you can always use Webdialer.You can search for the user in Corp Dir and click the phone number and a new popup window will show up. First time you use it, you have select the device you want to use to place the call. After that all you have to do is click the user's number and hit the dial button.

b. For external numbers you may use FastDials/Personal Address Book combination.

Although, with CCM 5.x and later, the fast dials require that you authenticate using username and pin from the phone. In my personal opnion, this is not a very easy task especially if the username is long. Its a very clumsy approach that Cisco took to have the user authenticate via username and pin from the phone. There is a timeout associated with this also, which becomes very annoying.

c. Dialing from Microsoft Outlook using TSP is another option. Cisco's documentation indicate that this does not work with 4.x or later versions, but there have been some threads in this forum to make this work.

d. Have you looked at the product called Unified Call connector from Cisco ?

e. You may use Attendant Console, associate it with your phone and create Speed Dial entries on it, that you can dial at the click of a button.



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Re: Auto Dial at IP Phone!!!


Thanks for your quick respond. I think I did not elarbrate my questions, sorry about that.

Those numbers are for customers, in other words, the users will dial different external numbers to different customers every day.

So basically, we have in-house program will generate what phone numbers need to call every day, they want to click the phone number, and the IP Phone will dial for them.

Therefore, I am looking for 3rd Party software, write program ourself, or using IPCCX, etc? Thanks


Re: Auto Dial at IP Phone!!!

Are you looking for a Predictive dialer type solution ? Where is the data stored ? Is it a database ?

Also, If you go to Developer central you can download the API for web dialer. I am not sure if you can integrate this with third party databases that contain numbers you want to dial out.


Re: Auto Dial at IP Phone!!!

I dont know what is "predictive dialer type solution".

But basically, the company need to call the customer to pay their bill if overdue.. so they will gerenate the phone number at the application.

Here is what I think, our in-house progammer can do everything to accomplish this task. I just want to know that is there anything or info that I can give to our programmer to intergrate with IP Phone or Callmanager in order to create auto-dialing feature.

Our programmer can write any application to meet the requirement for this task.

Anyone has idea??? I believe some companies will have this desire or need for this feature.