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Auto-Dial from SIP phones after Interdigit Timeout

I have a customer that needs to have their phones automatically dial a particular number if no digits are pressed after 10-15 seconds.  We are accomplishing this right now with our SCCP phones by having a blank translation pattern that points to an ambiguous hunt pilot.


For example, we create a blank translation pattern that translates to a HP with number 300.  We also create a HP with number 3000.  The translation pattern is triggered, but because 300 is ambiguous (the call could possibly be destined for 300 or 3000) CUCM waits for the interdigit timeout before calling 300.


This works beautifully for SCCP phones.  Unfortunately, it does not work for our SIP phones.  Does anyone have any suggestions to make this work?  SIP dial rules trigger immediately, so I'm afraid we haven't been able to leverage those.


Thank You!

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For SIP phones you need to

For SIP phones you need to create a matching application dial rule so that the signaling will be similar to SCCP. I am sure there are some examples here on how to accomplish this.


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Chris-Do you mean a SIP Dial


Do you mean a SIP Dial Rule? I wasn't aware that ADRs applied to any physical endpoints.

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Yes Jonathan, my mistake :-

Yes Jonathan, my mistake :-(

The config would look something like this:

  • Create a PT  
  • Create a CSS with only that PT in the CSS
  • Assign that CSS to the device level of the device
  • Create a Translation pattern which is blank, put it in the new PT you created and assign a CSS that can reach the number you are trying to PLAR to and put the PLAR number in the "Called Transform Mask"
  • Create a SIP dial rule
  • Put your PLAR number in it (same one you put in the Xlation pattern in the called transform mask) and hit the "PLAR" button to add it in as a plar pattern
  • Assign that SIP dial rule to your device



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Thanks for your comments, but

Thanks for your comments, but I'm afraid you guys are missing the issue.


Chris, you are correct that you can get a SIP phone to auto-dial a number via SIP dial rules.  The problem is that it triggers immediately.  I need the SIP phones to wait.


Here's a scenario - SCCP phones are in use all throughout a nursing home.  Residents are told that they can simply knock their phone offhook if they need emergency help.  If they don't dial anything within 15 seconds, their phone will automatically call into the local emergency oncall nurse.  Sorta an "onstar" emergency help line for an old folks home.  We definitely can't have that rule triggering immediately though, as residents would never be able to place a normal call, and there would be no way of distinguishing the emergency calls from the guy who is just trying to call for pizza.  :)


This function works perfectly with SCCP phones - while they trigger the blank translation pattern immediately, CUCM doesn't actually begin dialing because there are multiple potential matches for what the translation pattern is dialing.  SIP phones do not do this, however.  If you have the SIP dial rule applied, it always triggers immediately, and it does not wait to see if callers give any input.


Thanks for any further suggestions you might be able to offer!

I decided to play around in

I decided to play around in the lab today and try to find a solution for this and was able to sort of find one.


I did the typical 9971 PLAR configuration with the SIP dial-rules but changed the blank translation pattern to not have urgent priority.  This results in going offhook and being able to dial anything you want normally.  But if you don't press anything, it hits the interdigit timeout and goes with the blank translation pattern.


The main problem I'm having with this setup though is no dial-tone.  Working on trying to figure out a way around that now.  Not sure if your users would be okay with no dial-tone.


Edit: Couldn't find a way around the no dial-tone issue.  You might just have to use a more traditional nurse call system instead.  I know Hill-Rom is supposed to be able to integrate with CUCM.

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Gents, did anyone get this

Gents, did anyone get this resolved? Client has the same request. Appreciate the info in the thread so far. As usual very helpful.

Cisco Employee

Hi Chaps, did anyone get this

Hi Chaps, did anyone get this resolved? Client has the same request. Appreciate the info in the thread so far. As usual very helpful.