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Auto Ring from Cisco Callmanager to a PSTN switch

i am trying to set up an auto-ring line on a VOIP phone.  when i select the number on my VOIP phone i want it to automatically dial a number, i dont want to use speed dials.  currently, my organization uses VOIP (one publisher and a subpub) and an SL-100 (PSTN), which is connected via 1 gateway, and 4 PRI trunks going into the SL-100.  we are currently working to migrate users away from the SL-100 to VOIP, but some of the phones we have running off of the SL-100 have add-on models with up to 24 DN's that are set auto-dial 24 other DN's.  i need to keep that same set up on my voip phones to avoid confusion and to make this migration process as easy as possible. 

i have tried to set up a PLAR for the numbers on my VOIP phones, but i cannot get them to automatically dial a number that is outside of my callmanager.  the auto ring from the SL-100 to the VOIP is no problem, but when i try to set it up from VOIP to the SL-100, it doesnt work. 

there has to be an easier way to make a phone number automatically dial another phone number once it goes off hook.  please, someone help me!!


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Auto Ring from Cisco Callmanager to a PSTN switch

PLAR ought to work.   Can you do a "debug isdn q931" on your PSTN gateway and watch the PLAR call exit the system?   If you're using an access code (ie 9 to access an outside line) you can prepend that to your dial string too.


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Did you ever get this working? We have migrated from Avaya to CUCM 11.x and the users are used to this feature. As soon as u press the key 9, it should give dialtone to pstn dialing intantly (without need to press the speaker or "Dial" button.

Any ideas???


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A PLAR on Cisco devices only

A PLAR on Cisco devices only works once you go off-hook, there is no way to just press 9 and have it dial something unless the phone is already off-hook, on speaker, or you press dial.



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