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AutoAttendant/Custom Script for an specific directory number

Hello guys!

Hope you are doing fine. I would like to know if there is a way to configure two different auto-attendants in Unity 8.6.2, I mean, I want to have two different auto-attendants with different scripts for 2 different directory numbers at the same time.

This because I have configured 1 general auto-attendant for all calls, but also, I want to have one AA for an specific user (director's assistant).

I don't know if I explain me, I really appreciate your help.


Unity: 8.6.2

CUCM: 8.6

Best regards!





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Sure, simply create different

Sure, simply create different call handlers and point appropriate directory numbers to each of the call handler.


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Hi All,I have configured CTI

Hi All,

I have configured CTI point with 333 and pointed to call handler using same number.

when caller press 1 it will transferred to define extension.

but when caller press 2 it cannot use dial by extension as I configured. it just paly msg enter name and press # and for q press 7 etc..


how can I set caller input "2" to dial by extension and 0 for operator ?



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What is option2 pointing to?

What is option2 pointing to? is it another call handler? Make sure the call handler --> Greeting has "ignore caller input" unchecked and that caller input option are not checked for "ignore additional input".


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ignore caller input unchecked

ignore caller input unchecked.

when I press button then "no matching name 3 different spelling" recode played.


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You have option2 defined to

You have option2 defined to go to directory handler which prompts for name, not extension, so as you enter digits it attempts to match name within the directory scope. Is this what you want?

If not, then you can allow users to enter the extension at the initial handler, but if you prefer to have them press 2 for it then create another call handler, record the greeting "please enter the extension, etc" and under the initial call handler point to this call handler rather than directory handler.


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as you mentioned,after the

as you mentioned,

after the greeting need to user to allow enter the extension without press any digit and press 0 for operator.

how can I implement this.?

thanks your prompt reply.

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There is nothing extra you

There is nothing extra you need for that, by default any call handler allows all caller input, so you can enter the extension while the greeting is being played.


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i tried with default setting

i tried with default setting.

i entered extension while playing my record. 

then it played "i did not recognized that is a valid entry" and again it played my recording.

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Thank you very much Chris.i

Thank you very much Chris.

i figure out this with your guidance.

Thanks again for the quick support.

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Great, please rate all useful

Great, please rate all useful posts!


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Rated.another thing.How can I


another thing.

How can I allow user to dial only 3(0-3)XX. in dial by extension for particular call handler.



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Not very easily with Unity

Not very easily with Unity call handlers, ideally you would do this with UCCX scripting, etc. But you can get creative and limit the search to 3XXX by only allowing 3 as the caller input int he initial call handler, then uncheck the "ignore additional input" and send the call to another call handler that collects further digits, I have made it work this way well in the past.

HTH, please rata all useful posts!


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Hello Chris.Thanks for your

Hello Chris.

Thanks for your answer and sorry for my delay. Could you please send me some link with the procedure to do this?




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Hi All, I have mapped one

Hi All,


I have mapped one pstn number (E1) to the 3333 (CTI RP) and create route pattern with incoming pstn number and 3333 added to the called party.

I'm able to hear callhandler greetings when dial form the outside but when enter 3xxx for dial by extension " I did not recognize that is a valid entry" msg played.


any idea to how to resolve this.








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