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AutoAttendant type TCL - which one ?

I have a requirement to route an incoming call that takes the format :

[single DID access number] - pause - [internal DN]

This is essentially a "dial the extension you want" type requirement.

I thought I may be able to achieve this with a .tcl script on the gateways (2821) of a CM6.1 installation as I need this functionality during SRST outage too.

I have seen references to a number of different scripts :



clid_authen_col_npw (embedded IOS script)

I am not sure whether all of these are relevant or which is the best to use. The calls are originating from an automated system so the customization of prompts is of little interest.

My main concerns (other than supporting the call) are :

1) Restrict the numbers that can be transferred to (to prevent dial-through fraud etc.).

2) Give busy signal if destination is busy (rather than playing a recorded message etc.)

Is this possible ?, are there any recommendations on which script to look at ? How many options have I missed ?


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Re: AutoAttendant type TCL - which one ?


You could be using B-ACD. Once here, you can input the following to restrict the lenght of extensions people can dial:

param max-extension-length

"Restricts the number of digits that can be dialed by callers using the dial-by-extension option."

Set it to 4 to restrict.

Example of a B-ACD configuration:

config t


service queue flash:app-b-acd-

param queue-len 10 (number of calls in queue)

param number-of-hunt-grps (number of hunt groups supported

param aa-hunt 1 2000 (pilot point number)

param queue-manager-debugs 1 (set debugs on)



service aa flash:app-b-acd-aa-

paramspace english language en

paramspace english index 1

paramspace english location flash:

paramspace english prefix en

param aa-pilot 1000

param handoff-string aa (name to be given to the queue)

param service-name queue (name of the queue)

param number-of-hunt-grps 1 (number of options on the menu. Restricted to 3 but you can make it work with more.try it!)

param second-greeting-time (while in queue, time it will pass for second greeting to play)

param voice-mail 4000 (Sets VM PP)

param drop-through-option 1 (If you want that the call as soon as it arrives, rings first number available.

param max-time-call-retry 60(max time in queue_

param max-time-vm-retry 2( max attempts to reach VM)

param call-retry-timer 5 (it will try to reach an agent each 5 seconds)

dial-peer voice 1000 voip

destination-pattern 1000

incoming called-number 1000

session target ipv4:(usually loopback)

codec g711ulaw

no vad

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

ephone-hunt 1 sequential

pilot 2000

list 3001,3002

To give a fast busy, leave don't set the voice-mail param.

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Re: AutoAttendant type TCL - which one ?

Thanks for your reply. I am not running CME though - Is this option specific to CME only (in terms of licensing and functionality) ?

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Re: AutoAttendant type TCL - which one ?

B-ACD is an application that runs on IOS, so for the hunting to work, you will need to have IP Phones registered to CME, that is correct. If you don't have this, you could configure a Hunt Pilot on the CallManager. The only part that is not possible is putting the caller on queue. Also you could try Attendant Console Pilot Point, this will put callers on a mini queue and they can listen MOH while they wait to be answered.

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Re: AutoAttendant type TCL - which one ?

Hi. I don't actually want callers to queue and I don't need any hunting or ACD functionality.

All I am trying to provide is for an external caller to ring a single DDI number, then dial the extension they require from that point - and the call to be transferred to that extension regardless of busy status etc.

I am trying to achieve this on the router for 3 reasons :

1) I don't think I can do it in CM6.1

2) "System Transfer" in Unity disconnects caller if destination is busy.

3) Having this functionality in SRST would be useful.

I only mentioned B-ACD as it appeared to have the "dial extension" option - but it might be too complicated for just this requirement ?

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Re: AutoAttendant type TCL - which one ?

Got your point.

They closed way to achive it Unity. Try using supervised transfer not release to switch when using Unity. With that option if the user is busy the call will return to Unity.

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Re: AutoAttendant type TCL - which one ?

Hmm. I don't want to use Unity for reasons already stated - but primarily because the "transfer to" extension numbers are not all Unity subscribers. This means I can't use subscriber system transfer (which has release to switch options etc.) I have to use "system transfer" - and this disconnects the call if the destination is busy (rather than giving busy as I want).

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Re: AutoAttendant type TCL - which one ?

Hello, I need to configure B-ACD-AA applications that runs on IOS Cisco 2801, and send to calls to CallManager 3.3 and PBX Alcatel

according with the selection the callers.

Do you have the steps to follow according that is needed to configure Hunt Pilot on CallManager?

Because I configure already B-ACD-AA and configure h.323 gateway for Cisco 2801

but I got a fast busy tone.

Thanks in advance


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Re: AutoAttendant type TCL - which one ?

Please open a new thread for a new problem.

Note you will need to take "debug voice application script" when troubleshooting B-ACD/AA.

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Re: AutoAttendant type TCL - which one ?


Depending on the version of IOS you are using on your gateways.

You may find that the AA/B-CAD TCL have been embedded IOS software.


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Re: AutoAttendant type TCL - which one ?

If you have a PRI or T1-CAS circuit then just remove the "direct-inward-dial" command from the pots dial peers, and any plar from the voice port/s. When callers call in they will hear a ring and then dial tone. They can then dial the internal extensions and you can use either dial peer CoRs or translation patterns to avert fraud. Ghetto.

You could also use UCCX standard to script up a simple aa which would give you a ton more flexibility, I believe the license comes with cucm 6, but you would need an mcs server to install uccx on.

Incidentally did you figure how to modify the cisco aa tcl script to do what you want? I'd like a copy and an explanation if you have one.

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