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Automatic Conference Creation

Hello folks,

One of my customers has the requirement to have conferencing automatically created on an emergency line.

The scenareo is that the customer is a Hospital.  They have an emergency number - 2222.  Currently, when 2222 is called, all 4 operator phones ring and when the call is answered both parties are palced into a conference.  When a third person calls, they are also placed into the SAME conference.  For example, if there has been a fire, a call will come in, operator will answer and then up to 20 people could join the same call having all dialled 2222,  This is done this way as only a single operator works at night and may need to answer seeral emergency calls.

I am not sure of the best way to acheive this with Call Manager.

My thoughts so far have been:-

MeetMe number constantly in use - But this would not ring the phones when a call comes in

Boradcast hunt group - But this would not cater for the single operator on at night

TCL script on a gateway - But this cannot set up a MeetMe conference

Script in UCCX - But this cannot set up a MeetMe conference

I was thinking along the lines of having a hunt pilot of 2222, having the polit try the MeetMe number, if it was not answering, hit a TCL or UCCX script to set up a conference and then subsiquent calls would hit the MeetMe.

Any thoughts on what we could do here or any thrid party product that would meet the needs?


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