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Automating adding CTI route points

I'm in the process of adding phones, users and so on using BAT. I'm in a situation that I need numbers called during the day to go to voice mail. The way we have designed this is that we use CTI route points that are forwarded straight to voice mail.

We are trying to find a way that we can automate this process. There will be thousands of these CTI route points. There is not a way to do this in BAT that I can find. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Re: Automating adding CTI route points

Use CTI ports instead of CTI route points. You can BAT CTI ports in. In the Phones BAT.XLT tab, select the type of device as CTI port.



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Re: Automating adding CTI route points

No bat way to add route points but like the other guy said you can have "ghost" extensions using cti ports, or for that matter just about any model phone.

I'm unclear about what you're trying to do, but you may be able to accomplish it using one route point with wildcards, like all extensions in the 6000 range would be one route point with directory number 6XXX.

If you need more complex routing you could employ IPCC Express.

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Re: Automating adding CTI route points

To finish the thread I'm using schedules for partitions. During certain hours I want all calls to DN's to go straight to voice mail.

This is a installation of about 8000 phones and it is taking all my time to put in CTI route points. I'm unable to use XXXX for now because of the dial plan. I will try using CTI route ports and using BAT to import them all in. Thanks

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