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Avaya QSIG Connection Roll to 2nd T1

I am trying to get an Avaya CM to work with CUCM 7.1(3b)SU2.  The two systems are connected through T1 QSIG trunks that run to

two Cisco 2821s (one line to each ISR).  W

e actually have virtually all of the problems licked.  The only remaining issue is one of getting incoming calls to roll from the first trunk to the second.  If I busy-out all but one of the circuits on the first T1

coming into the Cisco system from Avaya

, and try to make two incoming phone calls, the first goes through, but the second gets a fast busy signal.  Realize that everything

works correctly for outgoing calls.  Also, if I shut down the first incoming line completely the Avaya switch will start sending calls to the second line.  It's just when there are 23 busy lines that calls aren't sent over.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Avaya QSIG Connection Roll to 2nd T1

How are you busying out the 23 channels?  With valid calls?  Which side are you busying out the channels on, the Avaya or the Cisco side?

Note that if you are busying channels on the Avaya side, you also need to busy them out on the router side (if h323) or CM side (if MGCP).

If you can get a 'debug isdn q931' and 'sh isdn ser' output for the failure, we can see what's going on.  My hunch is that the call is failing with 'requested circuit not available' due to the way the channels are being busied.

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