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Avaya to Cisco using Centralized Unity

Good Morning,

I'm setting up IP trunking from our Avaya systems to our Cisco systems, but I'm running into issues with the Unity integration. I call the extensions at these sites (from Avaya), and have no problems if they are answered. If the Cisco extension covers to our centralized Unity system, the call fails. Example:

1. I call 61-5255

2. Avaya strips the 61 and send 5255 to Cisco in Arizona.

3. Cisco in Arizona rings, then goes to cover.

4. Avaya phone displays Cisco VM hunt # 8900.

5. I hear silence for 5-10 seconds.

6. Fast busy

7. Avaya Denial event 1197 on TAC trace.

It's definitely VoIP related, but I'm new to the Cisco world, and do not understand the signaling behind Cisco's coverage process? If I try a phone that has local voicemail at that site, the call goes to voicemail no problem. I'm thinking it has to do with the redirection of the call to the voicemail over the IP trunk.

Calls from Cisco to Avaya work flowlessly.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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Avaya to Cisco using Centralized Unity

I have the same symptoms,

Only with 9951 phones and CFS,  Call to the avaya then return to the cisco system,

Call Flow 9951  to  a MGCP gateway then to avaya then avaya extension,

Once rna or cfa  call is sent to the unity connection, you will see the caller id and 12 sec of silence then reorder tone,

I have multiple subscribers,  moving the phone 9951 to another subscriber causes the call to work.  for a time.


Avaya to Cisco using Centralized Unity

Would it be possible if you would attach a Conversation Manager Trace on CUC to this post, for the time of the failed call,  hopefully that will spit out an error message.

Also, did you check the region setttings? in other words, what codec is being used between the Avaya system and the cisco phones. Also, do you have L3 connectivity between the avaya phones and your CUC server?

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