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B-ACD Internally

I am trying to configure B-ACD for internal use only. I think i have followed the document on CCO, and still iam having issues. Here is the config. Let me know what am i missing. Also attaching debugs from various modules.

dial-peer voice 301 voip

service aa

destination-pattern 4444

session target ipv4: (LoopBack)

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

codec g711ulaw

no vad


service queue flash:app-b-acd-

param queue-len 20

param aa-hunt1 2222

param queue-manager-debugs 1

param number-of-hunt-grps 1


service load queue


service aa flash:app-b-acd-

paramspace english index 1

param number-of-hunt-grps 1

param dial-by-extension-option 5

param handoff-string aa

paramspace english language en

param max-time-vm-retry 2

param aa-pilot 4444

param voicemail 5000

param second-greeting-time 60

param welcome-prompt

param call-retry-timer 15

param max-time-call-retry 600

param service-name queue


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Re: B-ACD Internally

Hi Rajesh,

Sorry to say that DSP's are required here. This does explain why you are connecting properly but are not receiving any audio.

Sorry my friend, but on the up side at least this is in the lab and not on the Customer site :)


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Re: B-ACD Internally

You' re close:

dial-peer voice 301 voip

incoming called-number 4444

no service load queue <-- this is not necessary, queue starts automagically


service aa

paramspace english location flash:/ivr/ <-- suggest use a directory for that

param welcome-prompt

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

Re: B-ACD Internally


Currently when i call the pilot number, calls gets connected however i do not hear any welcome message. After 2 minutes i get a busy tone. Here is my sh flash,

I did not quite follow when you suggest to use a directory for that.

ile Length Name/status

1 20907072 c1700-advipservicesk9-mz.124-18.bin


3 331483 CP7902080001SCCP051117A.sbin

4 338840 CP7905080001SCCP051117A.sbin

5 338424 CP7905080001SCCP051117A.zup

6 340631 CP7912080001SCCP051117A.sbin

7 1602 CiscoLogo.gif

8 953 Delete.gif

9 497 DistinctiveRingList.xml

10 129476 P0030702T023.bin

11 459 P0030702T023.loads

12 685334 P0030702T023.sb2

13 129880 P0030702T023.sbn

14 349794 P00405000700.bin

15 350198 P00405000700.sbn

16 1347 Plus.gif

17 4000 Ring1.raw

18 4000 Ring2.raw

19 4000 Ring3.raw

20 4000 Ring4.raw

21 4000 Ring5.raw

22 497 RingList.xml

23 174 Tab.gif

24 4668 admin_user.html

25 667582 admin_user.js

26 16948 dom.js

27 864 downarrow.gif

28 6315 ephone_admin.html

29 4658 logohome.gif

30 3831 normal_user.html

31 81600 normal_user.js

32 843 sxiconad.gif

33 2451 telephony_service.html

34 870 uparrow.gif

35 10230 xml-test.html

36 3493 xml.template

37 18346 app-b-acd-

38 24679 app-b-acd-

39 33870 app-b-acd-aa-

40 75650

41 83291

42 63055

43 37952

44 496521

45 123446

46 42978


Re: B-ACD Internally

when call is connected

check sh call active voice br

then i would change as paolo suggested:

since you have already defined en as default language

Re: B-ACD Internally


I have no luck still, please clarify me if

this application needs DSP by any chance, cause this is a test lab 1761 router and have no DSP resource

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Re: B-ACD Internally

Hi Rajesh,

Sorry to say that DSP's are required here. This does explain why you are connecting properly but are not receiving any audio.

Sorry my friend, but on the up side at least this is in the lab and not on the Customer site :)


Re: B-ACD Internally


Silly of me.. i need to find some DSP now. Thanks have a nice sunday

Paolo/Gonzalo: Thanks much for your input. Enjoy your sunday as well..

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Re: B-ACD Internally

Hi Rajesh,

Not silly at all my friend! This is exactly why we lab things up.... to learn. We build and test and make mistakes every day in hopes of getting better at our chosen craft.

When we do spend time in the lab, it makes our customer builds more polished and trouble-free for them. We never learn without making mistakes. The fact that you will take the time out of your life to study shows your dedication to getting better. This is the best indication of someone who truly cares about improving!

Keep up the great work,


Re: B-ACD Internally


Now i have tried the same script on Cisco 2821 GW with enough DSP resources, and still i am stuck in the same situation. Call is connected but cannot hear welcome prompt.

Can you give me some clue where i am doing a mistake.

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Re: B-ACD Internally

Now please take "voice application media state". If there is any error in filename you will see that. Also check which exact IOS you've on the 2811, certain are known to be broken. Finally, try the default prompts, if you have recorder your own chances are there is a problem isn't very easy to get the setting right for the format cisco wants.

Re: B-ACD Internally


Here is the debug voice application media state

Mar 17 20:58:07.052: //-1//TCL :EE65ACEC74000:/tcl_PutsObjCmd: TCL B-ACD: -- Optional parameter queue-manager-debugs does not exist

Mar 17 20:58:07.052: //-1//TCL :EE65ACEC74000:/tcl_PutsObjCmd: TCL B-ACD: -- Setting default to true

Mar 17 20:58:07.052: //-1//TCL :EE65ACEC74000:/tcl_PutsObjCmd: TCL B-ACD: -- Valid Mandatory parameter queue-len = 20 --

Mar 17 20:58:07.056: //-1//TCL :EE65ACEC74000:/tcl_PutsObjCmd: TCL B-ACD: -- Valid Mandatory parameter number-of-hunt-grps = 2 --

IOS version: 12.4(15)T1

CME Version: 4.1(0)

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Re: B-ACD Internally

The above is output from "debug voice application script" :)

At some point you should see "playing welcome prompt", then the actual output from "debug voice application media state".

Alos suggest you load 12.4(11)XJ4, what you've now has many bugs.

Re: B-ACD Internally


What does the following warning means?

Warning: parameter number-of-hunt-grps has not been registered under aa namespace

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Re: B-ACD Internally

You can ignore that, it happens for any parameter you configure for tcl/ivr.

It should be possible to have code to avoid the warning, but so far I haven't seen any source that bothers about incorporating it.

Re: B-ACD Internally


I have now IOS version of 12.4(11)T4 on cisco 1760, still has same issue. Calls gets connected, TCL script gets invoked, and for some reason the no prompt is played.

Can you tell me if it ever worked for you, if so can you give IOS and tcl script versions? I will try with exact versions. If possible config file too.


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