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B channel lockouts for AS5400

Hi All,

I need your perspective on this please. We have an AS5400XM (c5400-is-mz.124-4.XC4.bin)  with a bunch of PRI's on them. Everyonce in a while (5-6 months), some users at the call center complain about not being able to make / receive calls. On taking a look at the gateway, we've noticed that some of the B-channels are still busy although there are no calls on that PRI. This is when we bouce the PRI and the channels release.

We opened a ticket with the service provider and they don't see anything. We did however findout that they're using a PRIMARY-NI2C while we are configured with a PRIMARY-NI. I took a look at the config of the gateway and this is what I noticed.

1. The line coding hasn't been explicitly configure although it's defaulting to B8ZS

2. Our end is NI2C but the service provider is NI (I did read on a forum that NI covers NI2C as well but I need a second opinion)

3. There is no 'network clock select' and 'network clock participate'on the gateway.

4. There is no logged activity even though the logging buffered is set to debugging

5. I don't know if I understood this right but I think the service provider said that they release the channels at their end after the call has completed but our side doens't release it.

I would like to be certain of what I'm doing before I implement it as this is prod envt. in full swing.

Please let me know what you think about this guys...we've shutdown 1 of 3 callcenters because of this.

Much appreciated,

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Re: B channel lockouts for AS5400

Typical cisco ISDN bug, discussed here many times (last one 10 minutes ago).

If you will ask for specific Bug ID, I do NOT have it and I am unable to further research it, becausethis kind of issue can go under so many different denominations an variances enough to confuse everyone.

The good news is thatis fixed in latest code, just update IOS and you will be fine.

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