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Background Image IP phone


we have a  background image on all ip phones. Now i dont want users to change the backgroud, how i can restrict users to not change background on their phones.




Uncheck the "Enable End User

Uncheck the "Enable End User Access to Phone Background Image Setting" under the Device>Device Settings>Common Phone Profile Configuration.


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Dears,these setting will not


these setting will not work with 79XX phones ???



Looks like my recommendation

Looks like my recommendation doesn't work for 79XX but disabling the settings button will not work either since it doesn't block the user preferences. You could just modify the List.xml to only contain the 1 image name. Regards Yosh
HTH Regards, Yosh
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Dears,By disabling, the



I tried on 7911 phone and by disabling, the settings button, it doesnt allow me to enter in the sub menu's

But i tried by untick in the common phone profile, also i verified on 7911 phone it doesn't allow to change that means it is working, if it is working with 7911 i hope it should work with 7945,61,71,60. As if not i dont these model phones with me, can anybody check nd confirm to me.



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Anybody can confirm me

Anybody can confirm me the above query

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CUCM 10.5...Common Phone

CUCM 10.5...

Common Phone Profile -> Background Image file name with no path, and uncheck Enable End User Access to Phone Background Image.

Bulk to apply it to all the phones of a specific Phone Type and apply config

Bulk to restart every phone of a specific Phone Type.

Done, for 7911, 7962 and 7945...

I found that almost every

I found that almost every product specific / common phone profile problems are related to the priority that cucm implements to these value and the override common configuration option.

You can configure them on :( listed by priority order)

1) Device Configuration window settings,

2) Common Phone Profile window settings,

3) Enterprise Phone Configuration window settings

So CUCM with first used what is set on device configuration...

You also have to check the 'Override Common Settings"  If you do not check this box, the corresponding parameter setting does not take effect...

The weird thing is that not everything has this "Override Common Settings"  and what is more weird is that for example on 6921/6941 for CDP and LLDP parameters you have the 'Override Common Settings"  on the Common Phone Profile but not on the Phone Page configuration....but 9971 has on both... the same is for Screen ON/OFF config... 

So 6921/6941 will always apply what is configure on Phone Page configuration is no 'Override Common Settings" option is available


In my case to deactivate CDP on all 6921/6941 I configured them on the Bulk Phone Template.. But for 9971 just leave 'Override Common Settings” unchecked a the phone use the common phone profile or the enterprise phone configuration instead...

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Hello ClarkThe only way to

Hello Clark

The only way to restrict background image changing by disabling the setting access on the phone configuration page however this would also disable access to the ringtones as well,however option of 'Enable End User Access to Phone Background Image Setting' is applicable only for 89XX and 99XX phones and not for 79XX phones and too CUCM 8.5+






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I have 7945s and 7965s mostly

I have 7945s and 7965s mostly on my network on CUCM  I checked and this is available in CUCM 10.0.1 also.  I created a common phone profile and unchecked the "Enable End User Access to Phone  Background Image Setting" then scrolled down to the bottom under "Product Specific Configuration Layout" and in the "Background Image" field I added "CompanyBG.png" which is the file name of the background image I wanted displayed that already is hosted on my TFTP server on each of my servers, I didn't include the path, and I checked the box and saved the profile.  Then I ran a batch job to change all the common phone profiles for all my phones and did a mass restart.  Now users get the approved company background image and can't change it.

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