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Background Images Missing

I just deployed a 7965 that only displays one background image.  Although not necessary, the user would like to have other images to select like everyone else in the office.  Why aren't the other images showing up as options?  Where did they go?  How can I get em back?  Many thanks!


Re: Background Images Missing


Is the 7965 Model that you have depolyed a different model to the others that you say do have different background images?  The reason I ask is that you have to configure specific List.xml files for each model, which in turn point to the appropriate images.  The List.xml and background images have to be uploaded to the correct directory governed by the pixel size supported by the model.



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Re: Background Images Missing

The models are the same.

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Re: Background Images Missing

Have you done any version upgrades to the system between the time that you setup backgrounds on the older phones and added the new phone?

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Re: Background Images Missing

No upgrades.

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Re: Background Images Missing

Hi Efrain,

Maybe you could try stop/start the TFTP service to

see if you can't kick-start the process?



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Re: Background Images Missing

I would also verify that all TFTP servers in the cluster contain the .png images, both full size and thumbnail.  And also re-create the List.xml file and upload the new one just incase the List.xml file got replaced or corrupt.

Re: Background Images Missing

Grundle and Rob both bring up good points (+5 to you guys).  I was thinking along similar lines but I like to use the command shell.

Execute the following command on all TFTP servers in your environment:

admin: file list tftp Desktops/320x212x16/*

You should see the thumbnail and background image files that you say should be there and you will see a List.xml file.

You can check the contents of the List.xml file to make sure the path information for your custom image is correct:

admin: file view tftp Desktops/320x212x16/List.xml

If all of this looks correct then you should check:

1. What Rob said:  restart the TFTP service  (it is required after uploading images)

2. Use a tftp client (like your laptop or similar) to tftp the files as the phones would (tftp get) and make sure you can pull the files.

3. After you pull the files, open them in an image viewer and make sure the pixel resolution is correct for both the thumbnail and the background image.

See, the following for some additional tidbits of info:



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Background Images Missing

Hey Bill,

+5 right back at you my friend! As usual your answer is far more detailed

and helpful than most (to be sure!). Just so you know, I've started to bookmark

many great answers from both you and Hailey for future reference.




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