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Backgrounds on VOIP phones

ok  there are a lot of threads on this and how to do it but I have not see this specific one so am going to start a new one.

as some of you know I am a contractor in IRAQ and am learning call manager on the fly.  so far with the two exceptions I have posted about it has gone pretty well even if it is a PITA.

so the question is this.  Can you log onto the server containing call manager directly, create the directory structure needed and just drop the images in those directories and have the phones recognize and use them?  or do you HAVE to use tftp for call manager and the phones to recognize them? 

Cheers, Dave

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Re: Backgrounds on VOIP phones

You have to use TFTP or you can use the Cisco Phone Designer application. The Phone Designer works pretty well.

Re: Backgrounds on VOIP phones


The request to "push" the backgroung image to the phones automatically is very common, however to this writing I'm not aware this is possible. I just wish someone could come with a solution for this. Reason been is the background image feature belong to the Unified IP Phones product, rather than CUCM. There's no single protocol out there like SCCP, SIP, H323, that can signal to the phone "hey, download and display this png as your background image". Because not all the phone support it, use the same image, resolution etc. IP phones from all vendors are so diverse that the protocols of today don't have this feature. Therefore CUCM as been the PBX has no way of telling to the phone that new images are available.

Our 79XX series, have all kinds of black white and color display and each one will look on the corresponding folder for the images available. This is done only when the user select -> User preferences -> Background Image, the the phone will list the TFTP folder. Every user will have to do this process on their IP phone to make use of this feature.


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Re: Backgrounds on VOIP phones


One of the other contributors to this forum has worked out what the phone designer app does... if you have some development skills you should be able to put something together to automate this:



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